Midwxst delivers new single, video and announces upcoming EP

One of the underground’s most beloved rising stars is Indiana singer-rapper, Midwxst. The young creative has grabbed the attention of many with his genre bending sound that consists of a rage and electronic styled production, mixed with ballads and heavy hitting bass.

Midwxst has been a true pioneer for the Hyper-Pop community, being one of the early settlers in the genre and taking his own unique approach when experimenting with the sound.

While Midwxst dominated 2021, he kept the same energy going into 2022. Now, the 18-year-old dropped a brand new single and video and announced an upcoming eight-song EP titled Better Luck Next Time set to release Mar. 16.

Following his most recent single and video titled “riddle,” Midwxst delivered his new track titled “i know you hate me.” Both tracks are set to be featured on his highly anticipated EP Better Luck Next Time.

In “i know you hate me” Midwxst lets loose and expresses his internal emotions, as he harmonizes about relationship difficulties and all the struggles that come with love.

You say you love me, but I know you hate me

Don’t ever wan’ face me, you know what i’m facin’

I’m not one for chasin’, you’re never explainin’

I’m gone on the weekends, i’m off the deep end

Midwxst – “i know you hate me”

The accompanying visual takes place in what looks like a studio apartment and appears to be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen in one. A young lady is doing her makeup, and quickly leaves the scene before Midwxst wakes up. The video showcases Midwxst singing along to the track with bright flashing lights entering the scene when the beat drops.

Be ready for Midwxst’s EP Better Luck Next Time arriving Mar. 16. In the meantime, check out his latest drop “i know you hate me.”