midwxst Is A Superstar, Tap Into Their Newest Cut “Sidelines”


midwxst is undeniably talented at this point and their grasp on the future of music isn’t seeming to loosen up anytime soon. “Sidelines” is the latest effort and it’s only a matter of time before this one explodes into another smash. It’s a combination of how catchy the melodies are from both a vocal and instrumentation standpoint, but the realm of distortion riles up all of our senses.

You can always hear the sheer emotion that brims from midwxst‘s music, but for some reason, this one is resonating with my ears a bit more. It has elements of punk, rage, rap, and pop, so any auditory taste you’re searching for is thoroughly provided. Plus you can move around to this music, and that’s just what we all need in yet another dumpster fire of a year.

Aside from your preconceived notions about music and the state of hyperpop, we should all be focused on the passion midwxst puts on the line time in and time out. “Sidelines” would be the perfect cut to literally just run in a country field until you reach exhaustion. It’s that freeing to listen to, so enjoy your weekend and hit replay on this a bunch, you won’t regret it.