Okdeazy Drops Off A Smash With His New Visuals For “I’ll Be Fine”

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This new era of artists that isn’t afraid to sample massive records is something that the music industry needed. Essentially a dangerous ignorance of how expensive clearing that song could be, but Uzi might rock with this so who really knows. Regardless “I’ll Be Fine” by Okdeazy is a poignant cut by itself, but the visuals added another level of emotion to digest.

Colorful edits and scenes meshed together by the direction from donebymata make for a sight you can’t look away from. Deazy seems to be right at home atop these speedy-percussive elements, but the sample drill movement grows stronger with each day. Obviously, this touches on the heartbreak that our main character is going through, but the effort and energy to overcome it is what wins the day.

With his baritone register moving in between the layering of sounds, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I think this kid can croon. Despite the pitch correction, the soothing tone Okdeazy brings to the table differentiates him from those who can’t carry a tune. Nowadays Chicago artists can bring a wide variety of stylings, but this is something we hadn’t heard until now. A fusion of R&B, rap, and sample drill, sounds like a pretty great formula to me, so peep it all below.