Onlybino Has A Smash For The Fall Called “Flossin”

Onlybino is one of those names that deserve a bit more respect. His sound is modern, but sometimes gets overlooked by eerily similar peers. This is not to say that either side is undeserving of their success so far, it’s to show the world Bino is that great if not better than the rest. With his most recent release called “Flossin” we see our protagonist with instrumentation laced from three rising goats. Synthetic, Census, and Georgieglo all create a wondrous soundscape for the listener but allow plenty of space for Bino.

It’s wild this young man is so new to the game because his wave sounds like that of a seasoned veteran. Though being a huge part of the youth and connecting with them as well only lengthens the reach of Bino‘s name. Regardless of where he ends up in the grand scheme, his pen always curates an exciting sound. “Flossin” shows that lively tempo, but slows down the energy that allows smooth pockets of attack.

You can hear the focus and passion in Bino‘s vocals. He’s doing it to be one of the greats as opposed to just going through the motions. And even if that’s not the focus and he’s just moving with the flow, this kid is doing a stellar job. Do yourself a favor and peep all the heat below.