Pardyalone And Travis Barker Pair Up For The Moving Cut “Alone”

Pardy has been on our pages for months and will continue to be until he stops dropping music. Well, those days aren’t coming anytime soon, so you might as well get hip to this soon-to-be star. “Alone” is another chapter of moving brilliance brought to us by Pardy, but this time he gets a bit of help from a legend. With Barker adding pristine percussive elements to the production of this cut, it melds incredibly well with the vocals.

Attracting the attention of a foundational cornerstone of music, such as one of the best drummers of all time, must mean that you’re doing something correctly. With Chris Simmons at the helm of the ship for the direction of this video, we are shown another example of seamless audio-to-visual translation. Pardy pours his heartache out every time, and “Alone” is no different.

Pardy has been on tour as of late. First with Arden Jones and now with ModSun. Not only is he putting some stellar numbers on the board with his streams, but he also wins over new fans with every performance he gifts. As the year goes on we will have a project of sorts upon us, but this one should hold over the fans until then. Do yourself a favor and check out “Alone” today.