Pardyalone Continues His Rise To Stardom With “She Likes My Tattoos”

Pardyalone | Spotify

Pardy is one of the few artists who continuously blows away the viewer. The last release and visuals for “Not A Home” were some of the most moving frames in modern music. And Pardy linked up once again for another cinematic experience with Nicholas Jandora. In these frames for “She Likes My Tattoos”, we start by seeing our main character get some ink. Though things take a wild turn and transform into countless breath-taking settings.

The gentle quivers that Pardy gives off during his vocal riffs only entrance the listener that much more. It’s almost like his voice bends to showcase he’s human and that these emotions are valid, sparked from real experience. The way we see it, the world would much rather have someone bleed their true emotions than gift another carbon copy of reality.

This duo of Jandora and Pardy translates so incredibly well that we are gifted a cornucopia of composition to admire. When a rising star works with someone who can help translate the vision onto the screen, and the artist is willing to do whatever it takes for their art, the end result never lacks luster. Truly amazed with this one here, so don’t miss what’s going up.