Pardyalone Drops Another Moving Video, This Time For His Cut “A Place For Us”

Music needs to excite the world, but it also needs to make people feel. Pardyalone is a great example of making music that oozes passion and emotion regardless of how heavy it gets. In a world full of clones and those who love to compare and contrast, artists have to connect to their fans more than ever. This young man does just that and is on the way to crafting a real cult-like following.

We’ve heard the murmurs of Juice comparisons, but Pardy‘s music is about his own story, not that of any of his peers. “A Place For Us” does just that, showing us the stunning rainfall of passion and struggle that Pardy gifts every time. Chris Vergara directed these frames, playing a great deal with the overall composition of the video. The shots showcase Pardy essentially reliving his heartbreak in the same places where these confrontations happen.

The symbolism of the home makes the title make so much sense. “A Place For Us” was meant to show his lover that this was their sanctuary away from the noise. A painful reality for all when we realize that this home is now empty and we have to move forward. Pardy is incredibly strong for being this open with his sound, so peep this moving effort below.