Pardyalone Is A Star, “Test 11” Is Another Example Of That

There are few artists with a real sense of identity in the modern times of music. Pitch correction is in the abundance but there is almost a lack of emotion in all of the songs you hear. This isn’t the case for Pardyalone. In the past 12 months, his life has completely changed but this isn’t because of flook or luck. It’s real talent, emotion, and bleeding his abilities onto this canvas before our eyes.

“Test 11” is more of an upbeat offering than the past couple since “She Likes My Tattoos”, but it showcases a variety of ways that Pardy can win the people over. With Jake Carter at the helm of the ship from a direction standpoint, puts our shining warrior in a great light. The plot line doesn’t feel forced instead, we are just invited to follow the joy and pain of the days.

We’re sure it’s a lot for a young artist to deal with. Leaving home from the friends he grew up with and being thrown into unknown territory. But this doesn’t worry this warrior, he takes it in stride and moves forward. And it’s not like this is even close to his peak, because he will grow into a superstar and the world will have the catalog memorized. If you’re not hip to Pardyalone by now, it’s time to wake up.