Pardyalone Showcases His Brilliant Visuals For “Not A Home”

Pardyalone - YouTube

There are artists who are brilliant songwriters, but there are few who can truly make a name for themselves. Pardyalone seems like he has all that it takes to come out on the other side of the storm. This cut dropped and did one million streams in a week, starting off some stellar momentum for this kid. The visuals were brought to us by another rising legend, Nicholas Jandora, the direction of this video gets quite dark to reflect how our protagonist feels during the days of his heartbreak.

Maybe he hasn’t escaped the pain yet and that’s why we’re left with such distressing one-liners strung throughout the song. Though nothing feels forced, it just seems like Pardy took us to that ominous place after a breakup and Jandora put the world together.

Pardy can really sing and to be able to write a ballad like this in modern music is not an easy feat. Songs like these bank on the connection that is made between the listener and the artist, but in this case, it’s not even close to an issue. Whether you’re going through that first breakup or dealing with the heartbreak of your later years, there’s no escaping the feeling that this song portrays. Music is supposed to make you feel and Pardyalone does just that, tap in below.