Pardyalone’s “Read Your Mind” Will Leave You Speechless

When we have the conversation about who can sing in modern music, opinions stifle the facts. There are the traditionalists who spurt loud comparisons to the classic voices. Then there are those who just focus on the songwriting or the hits. Either way, we feel like it is a combination of both that sweetens the pot to our auditory standards. Pardyalone is a relatively new name to this conversation but over the past 12 months, this man has grown a seriously impressive fan base.

And the reason it’s growing by the day is because of the extra effort Pardy puts in. Not only does he gift us wondrous music, but he takes the time to respond to his fans. On top of that consistent content doesn’t ever all for people to grow bored or search for music they love elsewhere. Pardy has crafted a fanbase that is patient for him to deliver his best music yet and they will wait until it drops.

The production provided by Joe Reeves and Twice as Nice only enhances the wave that Pardy provides. Chris Simmons directed a wild set of frames, unlike anything we’ve seen before. This plays with the vibrancy of a number of emotions and the colors translate to the mood. A full-length project is in the works, so get hip to this star below.