Parker Gandy – “Moon Ringz” (Single)

Parker Gandy Moon Ringz

New York-based artist Parker Gandy just released his latest single “Moon Ringz“. The 19-year old began making music in 2016, and hasn’t wanted to do much else since then. The honest lyrics and mellow instrumental compliment each other perfectly. The simple, yet infectious production provides Parker a stage to truly shine on. Parker Gandy showcases his versatility with this single. The track is part of his new 3-track EP entitled “Hollywood“.

“I’ve put out 7 pieces of work before this one and I truly think this is my most polished and refined piece of music I’ve put together.” – Parker Gandy on “Moon Ringz”

Parker relayed to us that his greatest inspirations include Madlib, Childish Gambino, and Bob Dylan. With this new project he puts himself in a place to truly make them proud. His songwriting shines on this track, and he hopes to show it off on tour sometime soon. He seems to be proud of this song himself, and we can understand why. Parker also told us that his goal is to tour.

“Playing my stuff anywhere and everywhere, this is my passion so I’m determined to get to that point at the bare minimum.”

Until next time he drops, listen to “Moon Ringzhere: