PARTYFORONE – from really emotional dreams (EP)


Georgia-based artist PARTYFORONE just released his debut EP ‘from really emotional dreams‘. The 3-track project is laced with elegant instrumentation; the production is smooth, yet simple, and allows for PARTY to really shine through with his vocals. The melodies utilized are intricately composed and make each song a truly refreshing listen. With a vocal mix that is ever-changing¬†throughout the project, each track provides its’ own unique vibe for PARTY to explore a completely different realm of sound and emotion. The 22-year old artist is able to expertly demonstrate his versatility as a singer and songwriter while still maintaining a clear and focused vision.

Each song tells its’ own story, while sharing a common theme of introspective lyrics and transcendent sounds. Quite frankly,¬†PARTY has tremendous songwriting abilities and stands out with his soothing voice. He uses his music as an outlet to openly¬†ponder his most vulnerable emotions, and does so with impressive insightfulness. His project, ‘from really emotional dreams‘, is definitely worth a listen, and PARTYFORONE should definitely prove to be an exciting artist to watch grow and evolve!

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