Pradawitch – “I Wish I Was Better For You” (Single)

Pradawitch I Wish I was better for you

San Diego, California-based artist Pradawitch just released his new song “I Wish I Was Better For You“. The track starts with a long intro that gives listeners an ethereal feeling. The smoked-out instrumental contains simple, yet pretty flute and keyboard melodies, laced with deep 808s. Prada lazily raps about feeling burnt out and contemplating dropping out of school; lyrics that perfectly fit the track’s vibe. The chorus is addictive, while he also floats on the verse. Pradawitch relayed to us that the song was inspired by what’s currently going on in his life, telling us, “it’s mainly just me talking about how I’m just sick of moving through the motions of life and I’m hoping for change but I know that I’m not headed in that direction.”

“The main reason I started making music was to just cope with day to day life.” – Pradawitch on his beginnings in music.

Only getting his start in music in 2020, the 16-year old artist displays real dedication. He has found his sound as he experiments with melodies that leave us needing more. While the melodies and his flows are impeccable, the lyrics really stand out; I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed the lyrics. He also discusses anxieties and struggles with his relationships that effect his daily life. Pradawitch definitely impressed us with this one, providing an interesting take on the popular PluggnB sound. Listen to “I Wish I Was Better For You” below!