Premekid levels up on his new single and UGS exclusive music video titled “Onyx”

The current underground scene is filled with a surplus of young artists possessing tireless mindsets and an abundance of raw talent. One young act who has simply earned all of the attention coming his way is Premekid.

For those unaware of Premekid and his work, there is no better time to tap in with the young talent then right now. The new wave up-and-comer has been consistently elevating his career with each of his releases and has even managed to snag features from artists like Iayze, Slump6s and has even caught the attention of multi-platinum artist, PnB Rock.

While still early in his career, Premekid has been straight turning up and delivering career-altering tracks like his most recent release, “Onyx.”

In “Onyx” you’ll find an underground gem filled with heavy 808’s and blaring bass – the type of track that is perfect for your whip, a party setting, or a concert. “Onyx” sits at just under three minutes long and is full of personality and an unmatched amount of energy. Throughout the duration of the song, Premekid lets loose and delivers some powerful bars and an exciting flow that flawlessly compliments the aggressiveness of the instrumental.

While the song itself is impressive on its own, the accompanying visual for “Onyx” adds even more value to the track as a whole. The video is shot completely in black and white and displays Premekid enjoying himself in a city setting, as he’s seen singing and dancing along to the song.

Premekid is truly on his way to stardom as he has created a new wave, authentic to himself. Both fans and artists are quickly starting to realize that he is a serious up-and-coming talent in the underground scene and it’s only a matter of time before the world hears his true talents.

Check out the “Onyx” x UGS exclusive music video below!