Rahjul Jxlee – “Late For Dinner” (Single)

Rahjul Jxlee

Philly artist Rahjul Jxlee recently released visuals for his new single “Late For Dinner”. The concept for the track and video was inspired by the Mad Hatter character played by Johnny Depp. Rahjul effortlessly experiments with multiple vocal melodies across a wide, spaced-out synth instrumental; his flow is truly unique and ever-changing throughout the song. With ease, he blends elements of psychedelic rock, pop, boom bap, & trap. He told us, “I don’t just sing to be heard, but to be seen”- when we watched the video, we knew exactly what he meant.

Rahjul Jxlee is an entertainer at heart, so it’s no surprise his visuals are extremely theatrical. Visual aesthetics, stage presence, themes and storylines are the core of his musicianship, as made evident in his videos. Gender fluidity is also a central theme of his artistry, his versatility enhances his storytelling through unique sounds. He relayed to us, “When people listen to me, I want them to feel an undeniable freedom of expression and positivity. I want people to walk in this world unapologetically as their authentic selves. And I want my music to be a part of that journey.” Check out the visuals below and be on the lookout for more from Rahjul Jxlee soon!

Late To Dinner Visuals:

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