ReddMachine – “Sink or Swim” (Single)

ReddMachine Sink or Swim

Seattle based artist ReddMachine recently released his latest single “Sink or Swim” featuring merlean. ReddMachine expertly blends elements of punk rock and metal with rap to create a truly unique fusion of genres. The 28-year old artist utilizes dark melodies to compliment his very deep voice. The song also has a strong message; live in the moment and don’t allow yourself to waste time- don’t let anything slow down your life.

“If someone can listen to this song, associate with it and derive some meaning from it then I’m satisfied.” – ReddMachine on his goals for “Sink or Swim

Recently, ReddMachine has been busy pumping out singles and has plans to release an EP soon. The song’s featured artist, mearlean, produced the entire upcoming project. The pair work extremely well together and really bring the best out of each other. When ReddMachine first started his musical journey playing bass for a hard rock band, then for a “technical death metal band”. These experiences have beautifully shaped ReddMachine’s unique range. We’re very much looking forward to when his upcoming project drops, which should be full of experimentation. For now, stream “Sink or Swim” below!

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