redveil x Kenny Mason – “Raygun” (Single)

Rising underground artist redveil is back with a new self-produced release “Raygun” featuring fellow up-comer Kenny Mason. Following the stratospheric success of his debut project, the 16-year old producer/rapper brings us the collaboration we’ve been waiting for ever since discovering him back in March. The track’s production has elements reminiscent of ‘Niagara‘- heavy kicks, reverb-heavy guitar and perfectly-placed open hats- yet, in only two months since his last release we can already see the immense evolution of redveil’s style. He sounds more focused than ever as he delivers an introspective verse reflecting on his newfound fame; the clarity and modesty he provides is extremely impressive considering his age, however, we already know he’s an old soul.

Although a verse from Kenny would’ve been nice, the chorus (and the fact they’re even on a track together) is sufficient enough to leave his fans satisfied. Utilizing his signature distortion effects on his vocal mix, he compliments redveil surprisingly well as redveil experiments with singing in a higher pitch, as opposed to his usual monotone-based flow. Kenny sets up redveil with the alley-oop allowing him to really shine on his verse. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations from the two underground stars.

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