Royal – “You Make Me Feel” (Single)

Dallas TX artist Royal just released his latest single “You Make Me Feel“. The song’s instrumental features a high-pitched vocal sample that really sets the mood for the high-energy track; it’s impossible to resist nodding your head along with the vibey beat. The 19-year old artist has faced a lot of adversity in his life, but he uses it to his advantage by telling his story in his music. Royal relayed to us that he used to sing much before he ever started rapping, but transitioned and stuck with rap more as he was better able to express himself.

In his new single, Royal raps about his past relationships with excellent story-telling skills. He experiments with multiple flows on the track, keeping it fresh and interesting throughout the entirety of the song. He explores better days as well as mistakes he’s made as he works for redemption. Royal relayed to us that his one goal as an artist is to be known as an artist, as he doesn’t want to be boxed in as just a rapper; he was blessed with many gifts and talents. His upcoming song “New Kid” drops on December 15th; be sure to look out for it!

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