Rvne – “I Can’t Take It” (Single)

rvne I can't take it

Houston-based artist Rvne recently released his new single “I Can’t Take It” feat. deadbymidnight. The song serves as a narration of his struggles with depression and maintaining relationships. The 19 year old artist was very forthcoming when speaking about his personal life. “I Can’t Take It” perfectly encapsulates his personality; outgoing, yet reserved. When asked to describe his style, Rvne relayed, “I want to create a new sound; Angelpop/Demoncore. I utilize these two opposing sides of my personality to create a fantasy-like sound reminiscent of video game worlds. With both genres, my goal is to bring dark and light together.” In his latest single, he accomplishes this perfectly. The instrumental is uplifting and bouncy, while the actual subject matter is rather dark and personal. The lyrics detail Rvne’s mental health struggles and how it’s effected his relationships and trust issues.

“I’m always frontin’, I always put on for a show, I’m always putting on for people who don’t care for me at all” -Rvne on “I Can’t Take It

Born in Ghana, Rvne and his family relocated to Chicago for 14-15 years until settling in Houston in 2015. He always had a passion for drawing until he fostered an infatuation for music. However, he only started taking music seriously last year when his aunt gave him a new MacBook. Rvne’s musical influences are very broad; he grew up listening to acts such as Green Day and Evanescence, while proclaiming XXXTENTACION as his biggest inspiration. His main goal is to find himself and find happiness in the process. He wants to provide himself and others with an outlet to escape from falling into a dark place. The self-proclaimed “Fallen Angel of SoundCloud” has immense potential, and we’re excited to see where it takes him.

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