Sækyi Is Making A Name For Himself, Watch His Latest Video For “Pressure”

Sækyi is a rising artist coming out of Virginia who is bound to grow his sound past the borders of the state. With the release of his new video for “Pressure” we see this young man in various profile shots, delivering a stunning rendition of his talents. Add that to the direction from Charli Trujillo, which starts the video with the deep red backdrop. This exudes a heavy mood from the jump and these subtle additions to artistic expressions are what separate the true creatives from another batch of amateurs.

Another scene finds our main character inside a confessional booth painting more heavy emotions and we love to see these varietals when it comes to the presentation of art. Essentially all of Sækyi‘s music is confessional but facing outward to the world. With the meshing of both Rap and R&B, it’s not much of a surprise to learn that this is not the only style that Sækyi possesses. He can utilize a number of means of production and each one has unique shining attributes.

If this is your introduction to Sækyi or you’ve been around for a minute, one could never question whether or not this man is going to be around for a while. “Pressure” is just that, a great offering from one of the best young artists in the game.