Seldom Music – “Call Me” (Single)

California artist Seldom Music recently released his major platform-debut “Call Me“. Produced by long-time collaborator THEONEOPUS, the track’s instrumental boasts vocal samples that are complimented beautifully by heavy-hitting boom bap drums. The two are currently working together on their upcoming collab mixtape ‘THREE-PEAT’, though it doesn’t yet have an official release date. For now, they provide soulful vibes on their new track which was inspired by and dedicated to Seldom’s grandfather, grandmother, uncle and father in law.

The track’s lyrics are very relatable as Seldom reflects on the feelings associated with grieving over lost loved ones. On the chorus, he sings, “Oh how I wish you were here, ’cause nothing’s been the same since you’ve been gone and that’s for real” and “If heaven had a phone I’d tell you call me every day“. The instrumental allows for an uplifting and positive take on emotions typically associated with sadness. Throughout the verses, Seldom reminisces on good memories shared with people that are no longer with us. He relayed to us of plans to release a music video for the track in early 2021, so make sure to be on the look out!

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