sgpwes Is Back Once Again With Some More Heat In The Form Of His “Hiatus” EP


wes is in the front of the pack when it comes to his music and he’s truly turned into a leader of the youth. Hiatus is unhinged in the best way and allows for his fans to feed that itch for new gas from the bro. “Judgement” starts things off with nothing short of organized chaos, but it wins the listener over immediately. wes seems unafraid to push himself and his talents to their highest potential level.

Following up that madness with a bold proclamation on “im God” you hear nothing but arrogance in the best way. The instrumentation is dark and brutally aggressive, but this is where wes resides and creates the most fluid of music. “Me2” builds off rage elements and pitch-corrected vocals, but yet another explosive effort for the fans.

“Selfish” slows things down a bit with an intoxicated wave as far as style goes. But the subject matter still sticks to the boisterous claims that wes gifts every go-round. “Abuse it” heads right back into the shadows with probably the most ruckus of cuts on the EP. But this is what you need in your rotation if you’re looking for any sort of escape from the daily monotony. sgpwes is nothing like the rest, he’s just better, so tap into it all below.