She Loves Boon Snaps With His New Cut “I Just Wanna Dance”

Boon has molded the sound over the past few years but isn’t even close to stalling out anytime soon. “I Just Wanna Dance” is the newest effort and it doesn’t stray far away from what his fans have come to love him for. With production from loe4t, a friend and frequent collaborator, we hear wondrous synths sway within the auditory atmosphere.

New York doesn’t sound like this, better yet nowhere really adopts this sound. It had to be birthed by this powerful duo re-writing what modern pop music should feel like. The distortion coats the vocals but gives unhinged energy you wouldn’t get without it. It’s cuts like these that usually have a brash reaction made about it very early on. Because one consumer might not be familiar with what Boon brings to the table, they push it to the side instead of giving it a chance.

Boon is the face of a new generation of musicians, not waiting for anyone to blaze a path for his career. He’d rather do it with his talented friends and in their own way. Boon and loe4t are a powerful duo that deserves an abundance of recognition.  Emotional Trap drops on September first, but until then get hip to what’s going on below.