Sheldon Johnson – “Heartbreak Hotel” (Single)

Nebraskan artist Sheldon Johnson just dropped off his latest single “Heartbreak Hotel“. The 20-year old singer/rapper croons in autotune over a guitar-based instrumental, providing some real sad boy vibes. With an incredible vocal mix, Johnson is able to compliment the wide reverb effects of the guitar melody with expertise. Harmonizing his vocals across multiple layers, he’s able to experiment with his sound with impressive versatility. The chorus is extremely catchy and fits perfectly over the bass-heavy instrumental.

The subtle distortion effects add to his already wide-ranging doubling tracks, creating an excellent vibe for a late night drive. “Heartbreak Hotel” is truly a relatable song for anyone who has experienced a rough breakup and the message really resonates through Johnson’s vocals and lyrics. He relayed to us that his goal as an artist is to create art that inspires others in any way possible. Coming off his last project ‘1191‘, Johnson has plans to drop another soon. With a unique flow and cadence, Johnson will definitely be an exciting artist to watch as he continues to experiment with his sound.

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