Skodi Doesn’t Miss, Peep Her New Visuals For “F.O.M.W.”

Skodi makes her first appearance on our page with her latest video for “F.O.M.W.” and this one is really something special. Aside from all of the other antics that run rampant in the industry, Skodi provides an authentic style that doesn’t hold any punches. Instead, it sends shots at those who aren’t as talented from a lyrical standpoint. Regardless of who this young woman is speaking on, she gets the point across quite clearly.

The mission is to put her name in the conversation for one of the best rising lyricists in the game. In these frames we see her mobbing with her friends and then transitioning to vibrant settings to deliver her sermon. The viewer should not have any doubts about the passion or emotion that goes into this music. It’s ever so present right from the start. With a stellar set of production from Jordan Patrick and direction from Fxrbes, this whole cohesive product is something special to take in.

Vivacious energy and aggression run up and down Skodi‘s music wherever you decide to delve in. Hopefully, this means there is some more in the vault that we will soon see, but until then “F.O.M.W.” is a wondrous wave to get hip to.