Slump6s Makes A Statement With His Latest Project “B4GEN”

There are a few artists in the new school who can really control a crowd and entertain. I’d put Chris, Tana, Tecca, and a couple others in there, but at the forefront, I would declare Slump6s as the best rising performer. He leaves all of his energy on the stage while interacting with the fans making sure no one leaves disappointed.

This momentum has brought us to the new opus B4GEN, which is the precursor to a full project hopefully dropping in the upcoming weeks. In just five cuts we hear a common theme, brilliantly organized chaos. Whether he’s pairing with Benjicold, Maajins, Jayxxl, Gxyard, Zayskillz, or Keepshooting, aggression and passion are always at the forefront.

Amidst a modern realm full of wannabees and artists who claim to be “rockstars”, it’s pretty easy for the consumer to tell who’s really about it. And coming off of a crazy Summer Smash performance and another stellar one at Boxfest, Slump is here to showcase why he’s coming for that top spot. This music is exciting and unapologetic, so don’t overthink it.  “Twentyball” and “Ok/Blick” are my personal favorites on here, but decide for yourself below.