Smokingskul’s ‘Nina’ hits #17 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart

As up-and-coming artists throughout the hip-hop scene become more creative and experimental with their sound, we find more and more young talent rapidly emerging out of the underground. One artist in particular who has been generating plenty of buzz and on the cusp of blowing up is SmokingSkul.

The young prodigy has been releasing hits for quite some time now, but it wasn’t till recently that he began to gain the recognition he rightfully deserves. What makes fans gravitate towards Smokingskul is his unique style that consists of an aggressive tone and a powerful voice that sounds as if it has bass embedded in it.

Songs like “Ganja,” “V8 2,” “Do Dat” and “Nina” rank among the favorites from his discography, but just recently his song “Nina” started gaining some major traction and is currently sitting at #17 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart.

Be ready for new music from Smokingskul and be sure to keep a close eye on him, as he may very well be the next up-and-coming act to pop off.