ssjishmael And E The Profit Link Up For A Heater Called “Accomplishments”

ssjishmael and E are two rising artists that need to be in your rotation. Not because of any hype or frills, but because of sheer tenacity and talent. “Accomplishments” is a brilliant effort produced by Lonely Boy, showcasing an orchestral chop and bellowing bass. ishmael starts things off with unwavering confidence and tonality that addicts the ear.

The dashing part of this opus is the fact the double-sided mood pans out so well. Yes, both of these guys move in similar realms, but slightly different choices in their production style are where we see their music separate. Though “Accomplishments” brings together both of these rising titans, this seems like the beginning of a solid musical relationship.

With each passing day, there are countless wannabes who try to emulate music like this. ssjishmael and E make it look too easy, so until the next wave, peep it all below.