Svxmmy S.O.S. – “P.S.A.” (Single)

Svxmmy S.O.S. P.S.A.

Texas-based artist Svxmmy S.O.S. released a single, “P.S.A.”, off his 3rd album, ‘Bigger than Business’. “P.S.A.” is a smooth and infectious wake up call for anybody sleeping on Svxmmy. When he was a 9th grader in 2018, Svxmmy began making music as a way to channel his feelings into songs. He has now been releasing music since 2019. The song’s instrumental is made up 0f catchy synth chords drenched in effects, topped with some hard hitting drums. Svxmmy flows effortlessly with braggadocios and complex bars. “P.S.A.” obviously takes center stage on his new album filled with strong production, catchy melodies and lyricism.

“I wanna be one of the best and link up with the legends” – Svxmmy on his long term goals.

He’s already taking steps towards that goal; he also just released a “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” remix, as well as a “No More Parties” remix. You’d be hard-pressed to find better remixes of those tracks from someone who’s still an underground artist. However, he probably won’t be underground for much longer. “P.S.A.” is a perfect preview into  Svxmmy’s immense potential. Until he makes it big time, stream the new single and album below!