The sky is the limit and it is snowing for up and coming artist Yung Sn0w

What a time to be a musician or music lover. Artists are continuing to emerge from nearly every corner of the globe and as music continues to become more and more accessible, the easier it is to discover new talent. One artist who has been making plenty of noise north of Chicago is the 22-year-old Rockford, IL musician Yung Sn0w.

Yung Sn0w with a 0°as the “o” has been consistently delivering quality music and quickly expanding his fanbase with his eye-catching visuals and unique sound. His new wave flair, fresh  sound, and wide range of flows resemble a similar sound to Yung Bans and have had fans naturally gravitating towards his impressive sound.

While Yung Sn0w has been making music for quite some time now, he decided to kick things up a gear and dive into 2022 with all gas and no brakes. Sn0w has already delivered countless singles and multiple pairing visuals and we aren’t even four months into the year.

In his most recent single “Love Them Both” Sn0w displays his distinctive new wave sound and shows off his musical range as he effortlessly raps and switches his flow while dishing out some clever bars. Sn0w linked up with Murkury Studios for an impressive visual filled with quick animations, loud colors, and unique artistic choices as Sn0w is seen in a variety of trippy locations.

Each release from Yung Sn0w is a major step in the right direction for the young star, as he continues to expand his sound and master his musical craft. If Sn0w continues to stay locked in and laser-focused, the sky is truly the limit for the 22-year-old musician.

Check out his latest release “Love them Both” below!