Vador – “Ride the Wave” (Single)

Compton artist Vador released his debut single “Ride the Wave” back in September but has been involved with music for as long as he can remember. Tropical guitar strums mixed with bouncy yet relaxed drums allow for Vador to experiment with several flows throughout the track. He subtly hums deep melodies with heavy reverb in the background to add to the vibe of the already-catchy chorus. Speaking on the struggles he’s faced in his life and the lessons he’s learned, Vador is at the point where he feels he can do nothing but ride the wave. Rapping extremely personal lyrics, “Me and depression are one of the same/can’t locate the source of the pain“, you can hear the pain in Vador’s voice. His lyrics and struggles are relatable for anyone who has been through tough times; dreaming of better days, he knows he must work hard for it and is prepared to do so. “Ride the Wave” is an impressive first release, and Vador’s unique vocal presence leaves the listener yearning for more.

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