Van Hellsing – “Stunna (Reloaded)” Single

Illinois-based rap group Van Hellsing consists of the young, invigorating upcoming duo of Noosey and Rasi. The two met at Evanston Township High School, where they would skip class to spit freestyles. At the age of 16 the duo began to take music more seriously, visiting a local engineer to record once a week. Fast-forward four years and Noosey and Rasi are still blessing the rap game with their unique sound. 

On November 13th, the group dropped their latest single “Stunna (Reloaded)”, on which they compliment each other with expertise. The track starts off hot with Noosey effortlessly flowing on the bass heavy beat. Rasi skillfully matches the energy provided by Noosey all while completely switching up the flow of the song. The two have big plans for the future including the release of their sophomore project, ‘Hell’s Downstairs Neighbor’. The 8-track EP is slated to drop in the spring of 2021; be on the lookout!

In the meantime, stream “Stunna (Reloaded)” out now on all major platforms! 

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