Walia – “Backseat Memory” (Single)

NYC-based singer Walia just released her latest single “Backseat Memory“. The 18-year old indie pop artist grew up in the Bay Area but moved to New York two years ago and is currently studying contemporary music at The New School. Experimenting with songwriting and singing since an early age, Walia’s passion for music is evident in her work. She’s been busy recording and releasing music all year, and plans to have her debut project completed early next year. In the meantime, she provides her fans with a soft, yet focused new vibe with “Backseat Memory“.

Harmonizing among multiple layers throughout the track, Walia’s new release is a dreamy, intriguingly enjoyable listen for anybody with ears. She effortlessly crafts her verses and her chorus with melodies that are sure to remain stuck in your head. Her voice perfectly compliments the gentle guitar strums as she reflects over past relationships in a way that is truly relatable to all listeners. The lyrics are both regretful and nostalgic, and really fit the vibes of the instrumental flawlessly. When asked about her goals as an artist, Walia relayed, “a big reason why I make music is because I want to make more space for queer artists! Being a lesbian woman of color, I struggled to see myself in narratives of songwriting. I hope my music can reach people who are also struggling to identify with pop culture.” With such talent and modesty, we are truly excited to watch Walia progress in the music world and grow as an artist.

Check out her latest release “Backseat Memory” below!

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