Wolfacejoeyy levels up on his latest release “Run! (2067)”

One young star who has seemingly caught the attention of not only fans but plenty of notable names among the music industry is the hip-hop prodigy, wolfacejoeyy.

While the young star is still in the rookie phase of his career, his music and lively persona give off a veteran vibe — making him a favorite among the emerging new wave underground artists.

His piercing vocals and effortless ability to create ear-catching melodies have certainly gained him a hard-earned following — with over 15k monthly listeners on Spotify, 6k followers on SoundCloud and over 13k followers on Instagram — slowing down is simply not on his agenda.

With an impressive 2021 under his belt, wolfacejoeyy looks to carry over the same energy and success throughout 2022. While only being three months into the year, wolfacejoeyy has already delivered countless singles and has now treated fans to his most recent release titled “Run! (2067).”

“Run! (2067)” is a true concise masterpiece. The song sits at just over one minute long and although short, it is filled with an abundance of energy and showcases wolfacejoeyy’s unique flow which consists of irresistible harmonies and his natural ability to comfortably sing-rap over any instrumental.

Wolfacejoeyy continues to take large leaps in the right direction –  proving himself as a true talent among new developing artists. Due to his wide range of musical skills and flavorful discography he has both fans and artists naturally gravitating towards his unique sound and distinct style that separate him from other artists. 

Be on the lookout for plenty of new music and content, as the young star is sure to keep up his ongoing hot streak.

Listen to “Run! (2067)” below!