Worry Club Cannot Miss, Peep Their Latest “Nothin”

In a world of mediocrity from both sides of the industry, the rising talents seem to shine a bit brighter. And those with real identities will always continue to flourish whether or not the machine is opening their pocketbooks.  In the case of the brilliant Worry Club, we see a whole lot of impressive features. Their independence and grassroots appeal is one thing, but to move like a seasoned set of musicians, that’s a whole other deal.

These creatives work alongside of each other to piece together sounds most bands couldn’t even fathom. With the powerful riffs from the guitar, Chase‘s vocals appeal gently in the air. The technicality of these instrumentalists should whew the traditional rock lover. Though what entices our ears is the sheer passion that went into this effort. “Nothin” is so much more than that exploring the insecurities that go through our minds.

The additional synthetics that come in on the back end of the cut are off-the-wall but add a beautifully weird element. Chase urns to be normal and cool, but his smokey vocals are always enough to win the world over. No surprise here that after one listen we’re itching to run it back, but delve in on your own below.