xorunge – ‘Midnight In Manhattan’ (EP)

19-year old New Jersey artist xorunge just released a 5-track EP ‘Midnight In Manhattan‘. For the release, xorunge relayed to us that his goal was to keep it short, sweet, and “bumping the whole time”. The EP begins with two high-energy tracks “Plug Love” and “Official“, and explores darker territories as the project progresses. On “KidsOnDrugs“, xorunge professes his love for drugs, and the downfall that comes with it; this is where the EP takes a darker turn.

xorunge told us he’s been making music for over a year, trying to reinvent himself with every new song. He says his main goal with making music is to reach as many people as possible. He hopes that his music can help people to feel less alone and that he can provide people with something to relate to. On his new project, he taps in with upcoming NYC producer PradaDidIt to handle the instrumentation, and together they execute with expertise.

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