Yeat Gifts The World A New Project Called “Lyfë”

Yeat is only adding to his legendary stature with his releases these days and this project is no exception. Essentially we have heard a good portion of this project due to the fact that the leaks are ever so present. But it doesn’t really matter when the CDQ drops because the world still continues to eat it all up. What stands out the most like the majority of Yeat‘s music, is the powerful production he chooses. BNYX is the MVP of the recent set of songs because they really found that sweet spot for production.

“Talk” was a smash even before it dropped and “Wat It Feel lykë ” resides in that same realm. Though songs like “Crank” “Can’t Stop It” and “Holy 1” all ring out phenomenally. Would we say that this is a stronger effort than Geek Pack, not sure, but maybe it’s just a different variation of the flavors involved. Regardless this young man has created a cultural shift when it comes to music as a whole. From the way it’s created to the sheer volume and styling of it, Yeat is a man amongst boys.

We’ll be back in a few months or weeks to post about some more gas from the Dean of Pissy Yonker, but until then get acquainted above.