YoungRoger – ‘Rear View Mirrors’ (Album)

Baltimore artist YoungRoger recently released his introspective debut project ‘Rear View Mirrors‘. The album spans 11 tracks and includes his breakout single “Still Dripping”. The 23 year-old Maryland native began rapping at the early age of 9, practicing his freestyle abilities while walking to school. YoungRoger has always been determined to learn from the mistakes of others in order to become a better person. Ultimately, his pride for how far he has come in life was the true inspiration for the album. YoungRoger vividly describes the life experiences that shaped him and his music in his standout tracks “Still Dripping” and “Medicated“. Throughout the project he demonstrates impressive versatility while switching flows with ease over a wide range of beats. With his debut, YoungRoger has undoubtedly proven to have immense potential to become a star in the underground rap scene.

Check out his track “Still Dripping” in our playlist!

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