Your StepDad Drops Off His Newest Effort Called “Doowop”

Your Stepdad is back on our radar with his latest project called Doowop. This one is just as prophetic as the last but perhaps even more exciting. The production is a great addition to the project, but it doesn’t overtake our protagonist’s vocals. With features from Tae Retro, Ace_Santana02, Jazzy and Glo Up, the variation of tones keeps us listening. Though the raps are a bit unconventional, there is some organization to the chaos.

The three-song run that is “Muslim Bitch”, “Oprah Won”, and “Michael Cera” is a stellar moment to win over new fans within this opus. Flowing into “FUCKITWEBROKE” we hear some minimalist drums and an eeerly-simplistic synth, but it accents the flows laid below. “All The Above” might win the award for personal favorite off this one, but carries momentum to the next song quite effortlessly.

You cannot deny an artist who is making this much impact early on with this much identity. Most get swept away by the fads and trends instead of curating their own. Doowop might be the alter ego, but whatever this young man decides to present his art under, I think the world will be down to digest. Your Stepdad is a name to watch in this game, so peep the gas below.