Your Stepdad Dropped Off One Of The Best Projects Of 2022 With “Google Me”

Yes, we understand this is a bold proclamation, but the diversity of talents that Your Stepdad drops off on this one is unreal. This is the first time hearing about this young man and from the beginning, you should understand what we mean. “Reallyheem” plays with some Michigan-inspired drums and some spacely synthetics to paint the sky.

A theme you hear from this project is not being held back by any type of instrumentation. Stepdad isn’t afraid to hop on any percussive pattern and “iGUESS” shows that heavy. “ZiPCODE” basks in some golden-era vibes, but the abrasive delivery intrigues the modern rap fan.

“I be usin different flows, to rap about the same shit.”

Cosznmo, Four3va, justicexavier, and Vellydagoat all add some variety to the project with their respective talents. And a lot of times I think that features just fill in the blank when it comes to a project, but there isn’t one of these that stops the momentum. “2Muchlove” is a brilliantly stellar way to round out this project because of the melding of ambient mood and drill drums. Overall we are not only enthused with this opus, this young man will continue to be on our radar moving forward. Peep this gas below.