Your Stepdad has been balling and you didn’t even know it

He’s the Stepdad you didn’t know you had. The master of lyricism and the king of rapping who is sure to leave you amazed.

The young talent has been steadily impressing listeners and growing his fanbase with his consistent releases and jaw-dropping TikToks and Instagram Reels that showcase his musical skills and natural-born talent.

Your Stepdad has been rapidly dropping music for a couple of years now and in each release, he continues to display his extreme versatility while breaking musical boundaries.

His unique style and ear-catching musical abilities have earned him over 8K Instagram followers, 9K SoundCloud followers, and over 20K monthly listeners on Spotify.

With each release, his fanbase continues to rapidly grow and just three weeks ago, he dropped his new single titled “bon appetit freestyle” which caught the attention of fans both new and old.

Fast forward just one week and Your Stepdad is back with a new visual to go paired with his track “2muchfaith.” Although the video only sits at just over a minute long, the visual is filled with plenty of personality, as we find vibrant colors, loud animations, and quick cuts in a downtown setting.

While Your Stepdad is still very early in his career, he already has become quite successful due to his distinctive flow and catchy sound which has his fanbase growing at an extreme rate. Be on the lookout for new music and content, as he is sure to keep creating.