ZAC X – “21” (Album)

Florida-based artist ZAC X just released his latest project ‘21‘. The 21-year artist has been making music since the early age of 16. His new project was supposed to be a follow-up to his last, ‘The Transition‘, however, he decided to make it its’ own entity. Mixed, mastered and produced by ZAC X, the album boasts 13 tracks that take us on an introspective journey through his mind.

The project begins with an upbeat, yet edgy vibe as he takes shots at and exposes past co-workers on “The Sword“. Throughout the project, ZAC X wasn’t afraid to get personal, especially on “Still Drowning…“, “Bully me“, “Reciprocation” & “On The Road.. He relayed to us that “Still Drowning” was actually created as a metaphor for being consumed by the issues that have plagued his life. His ability to paint his life’s pictures with incredible detail and insight is both nonchalant and impressive. Across the entirety of the project, ZAC X speaks on a lot of the personal experiences that have built him to be who he is today. The project is definitely an interesting listen, and ZAC X should have plenty more in store for 2021; be on the lookout!

Listen to the new project below!

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